About Us

CCMC Community Association Management is designed to benefit residents and fulfill the mandates of the community’s governing documents. We encourage open and honest dialogue with homeowners and feel the pulse of the community when making recommendations and decisions with community leadership. We want to bring the vision of the developer and residents to life and then keep that vision alive through changing times. When we’re supported by the community and empowered to do what we do best, magic happens.
CCMC proudly provides community management services to Devonshire Community Association. Since 1973, CCMC has been in the business of transforming the way people think and feel about homeowner associations. Today, the company provides lifestyle and community association management services to more than 200 of the country’s most successful planned communities.
At CCMC, our purpose is to create experiences that connect people in the neighborhoods where they live and offices where we work. This means putting service first, encouraging engagement and infusing life with fun! No wonder communities across the country have trusted us to transform households into homes, and turn neighbors into friends. CCMC. Now this feels like home. To learn more, visit www.CCMCnet.com